Kansas City’s newest LGBTQ nondenominational church

Frequently Asked Questions


Listed below are some questions and answers that will clarify what you can expect when attending Peace River.
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What are some things you specifically believe in or practice at Peace River Ministries during the Worship Service?

We believe in the relevant and practical application of Scripture, the divinity of God, salvation of humanity through the sacrifice of Christ’s death, baptism in water, the Lord’s Supper, the ministry of the Church, healing for hurting humanity, and the resurrection.

Are you an inclusive congregation?

Yes we are. We believe that God is all things to all people. God is father and mother, brother and sister, creator and finisher of life. We identify the divine characteristics comprehensively during each service, not exclusively confining the Divine presence to a single identity. Neither do we label or catalogue God’s children with limitations of human definition, but embrace the diversity which has been created by God with respect and love.

What is your church service like?

You will find a blending of traditional and contemporary practices at our church. We are open, friendly, and relaxed in our atmosphere. Music is a blending of style (traditional, contemporary, pop, jazz, and rock) and form (contemporary, classical, and hymns).

What do people dress like when coming to church?

We do not have a dress code. You will find people coming in jeans, shorts, business casual attire, suits, dresses, and slacks. The most important thing is not how you dress, but that you come and worship, sharing and expressing your faith with us.

Are you accepting and affirming of all people?

Yes! You will find a warm welcome whoever you are – straight or gay, white or black, Asian or Hispanic, conservative or liberal, older or young, rich or poor, married or single, transgendered or any gender identity. Like the early Church, we are a rainbow congregation!

We want to have a commitment ceremony or Holy Union. Can we do this at your church?

Yes. We also offer the traditional rite of marriage. Premarital counseling is required for a holy union or the rite of marriage. Professional marriage and family therapy is an option for those who seek resolution for relationship discord.

Does your church offer counseling for individuals who need emotional as well as spiritual counseling?

Yes, there is professional counseling available for those who are seeking help resolving conflicts in their life, either with themselves, partners, spouses, or others who are involved in their life.

I don’t want to get involved right away, but just attend. Is that okay?

Absolutely, we are not about pressuring anybody to “do” or “be” anything. What we welcome is your presence and the expression of your faith with ours. At the time you are ready to get involved, you will know it and feel the need for involvement. Our commitment to the congregation is to not overextend any one individual and cause burnout. Balance and moderation is a healthy approach for all venues of life.

Do you have programs for children?

Yes. Children are always welcome at Peace River! We embrace them as a significant part of our congregation and there is a special ministry for them each Sunday.

What do you do in your church services?

We sing, pray, share a coffee and pastry fellowship each Sunday, teach, receive communion each week, and have fun! There is a structure to our service, but it is informal and relaxed.

Do I have to be a member to receive communion at your Sunday service?

No. We believe that the Lord’s Table is open to all who come and are earnestly seeking forgiveness, growth, and spiritual life.

Do you “hound people for money?”

No, we do make the financial needs known for the parishioners, but we do not “pass the plate.” There is an offering depository that anyone can leave their financial contribution in and it will be used for the operational needs of the church and its ministry.

Do you have a variety of extra-curricular activities at Peace River Ministries?

Yes, we plan events according to the calendar seasons, church seasons, social opportunities and community events. We provide an outlet for social development as well as spiritual and physical development. Trips, sporting events and/or leagues, festivals, dinners and/or banquets, entertainment, and community involvement for ministering to social needs are a few.

Are you involved in the KC Metro area, impacting social and humane needs?

Yes. This is an area that is ever evolving at Peace River Ministries as our community needs consistently change. As opportunities are presented for our involvement, we are quick to review and assess what we can contribute to assist and make for positive change in the lives of our city and the LGBTQA community. A church living true to the biblical standard will be moved with compassion to the safety and provision of lives hurting with need and despair. Our focus is and will remain on a community more than a building or programs that facilitate “in-growth” instead of “out-growth.” Our desire is “to be a church without walls!”

Are you a denominationally affiliated church?

No, we are a non denominational church that receives all people from all church back grounds.

How long have you been in the KC Metro area?

We have been in existence since 2009 providing spiritual development and worship alternatives for those seeking spiritual life and growth as a gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered, questioning, or straight individual.

Peace River Ministries • Matt Ross Community Center • 8101 Marty, Overland Park, KS. • 913.400.2837 • info@peaceriverministries.com