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Daily Bible Reading

for the week of July 5-11:

Mark 4; I Kings 9, 10; Ps 73

Mark 5; II Chron 1, 2, 3

Mark 6; II Chron 4, 5; Ps 74

Mark 7; II Chron 6, 7; Prov 2

Mark 8; Eccl 1, 2

Mark 9; Eccl 3, 4, 5

Mark 10; Eccl 6, 7; Ps 75

Weekly Devotional

Who Ever Believes Shall Never Die!

“Jesus said unto her, I m the resurrection, and the life: they that believes in Me, though they were dead, yet shall they live: and who ever lives and believes in Me shall never die…” John 11:25, 26

The moment you received Jesus the old life passed away and a new life came into existence. That was your real death experience. “For you are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” (Colossians 3:3) The life that we have in Christ Jesus comes as the result of our dying out to our sinful living and allowing a resurrection of His life in ours. This new life is the “life everlasting” that has Jesus promised to give to anyone who would believe in Him.

Face up to it. You have already died and gone to heavenly places with Christ (Ephesians 2:5, 6). Sure, the world cannot understand this kind of talk, but you can for God gives you understanding in all things (II Timothy 2:7). We are not of this world… why? Because we are of God’s kingdom and follow Christ in all things. He has made us to rise up and sit in “heavenly places with princes and royalty.” Our nature has been transformed by the renewing of our mind through God’s Word, Jesus Christ.

You have been delivered from the fear of death since Jesus destroyed “him that HAD the power of death, that is the devil.” (Hebrews 2:14) You know what is going to happen when you leave your physical body. You will be with Jesus in Heaven. Even if I should have to walk through the valley of the shadow of the death, I will not fear! He is with me!

It makes no difference to the child of God as to his heavenly dwelling place. “For me to live is Christ, and die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21) I know where I am going and therefore death cannot intimidate me, harass me, or control my life. Through death, should it come to me, I gain! This is the promise to every child of God!
Think of it. You are not afraid of death. You live fearlessly. Jesus promised that He would set us free from the tormentor. The captives have been set free, not only from their sin, but from sin’s wages!

You will never die! You may change your clothes – from your earthly body to a heavenly one, but you will not experience the pangs of death. Rejoice in your life in Christ! He is the giver of life; allow Him to breathe into you every day that living breath of God… the breath of life!


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