Kansas City’s newest LGBTQ nondenominational church


We are on a mission to live our lives as Christ exemplified living while here on earth.  The basis of all life is the love of God and we not only render lip service, but extend our hands and hearts to all.  We teach and model the “abundant life” Christ promised in Scripture by …

• Recognizing we are all called to serve and share with all we interact with, we minister as Christ, healing, feeding, and restoring those who are hurting and seeking. 

• We receive all who come, excluding no one.  The table of God is for everyone and all are welcome.  We promote inclusivity and work to weave a ‘fabric of humanity” that is made up of diversity.

• We live our lives in liberal fashion rejecting oppression and discrimination of those who are different.  By God’s grace, we defend and nurture all until freedom and liberty prevail.

• We are filled with faith and positive words because we believe the Scriptures teach “all things work together for good.” 

• We believe Jesus was the incarnation of God’s grace. Jesus was the ultimate liberal, who resisted the status quo of oppression and showed us the way to the abundant life God intends for all people.

Our Mission

As a church, we have a fourfold mission.  It is our sincere desire to nurture and foster these attributes in every life and heart so that we may impact our community.  This mission is not a declaration that those who attend Peace River have achieved the ultimate status of these attributes, but that we earnestly strive to follow these qualities reflecting the life of Christ in our thoughts, words, and actions. 


Peace will negate the effects of unhealthy drama in spiritual, emotional and physical life.  It is the peace of Christ which gives the understanding necessary for balanced living and healthy spirits, minds, and bodies.


Forgiveness is “for giving” our release to the offenses of life.  At Peace River, we nurture true forgiveness … of God to humankind, of humankind to humankind, and forgiveness to our self.


Peace River is distinguished by love and its healing effects.  By the love of Christ, we reach out and touch others, … those who are hurting, and those who have hurt us.  May the Creator help us to restore unbiased love, offered without judgment to all.


Respect, dignity, and equality to all.  Peace River’s focus is to serve as extended hands of the Divine to those who seek spiritual and social restoration, acceptance and renewal from bias and alleged guilt. 

Peace River Ministries • Matt Ross Community Center • 8101 Marty, Overland Park, KS. • 913.400.2837 • info@peaceriverministries.com